Grandville Middle School



Scheduling an Appointment
Counseling meetings are scheduled by appointment during school hours. Students may stop by the Guidance Office to let their counselor know they would like a meeting. A pass will be sent out to the student with the date and time of the appointment.
Parents may schedule a meeting with the counselor by phoning the Guidance Office at (616) 254-6616 to set up a mutually convenient time. Emergency situations are given immediate attention. The focus of school counseling is to provide short-term, solution-based assistance. When necessary, parents will be encouraged to use outside agencies for more ongoing student support.
Counseling Referrals
Please see the document below for resources outside of our school guidance counselors that you may wish to pursue for counseling services for your child.
When a student shares information it will remain confidential unless:
  1. The student and counselor agree that the information needs to be shared with a parent or an agency.
  2. The counselor is concerned that the student could cause harm to themselves or to others.
  3. The student informs the counselor of neglect, abuse, or another violation of the Child Protection Act.
When a teacher or parent shares information regarding a student, this information will be used only with consent to assist the student's functioning in school.